Special Reports

2017 Hunan Spring Rural Tourism Festival & Chenzhou Beautiful Rural Tourism and Cultural Festival

Five Chenzhou

2016 Hunan Chenzhou International Leisure Tourism Festival & 1st Beautiful Rural Tourism Festival

Ten Cultural Symbols of Chenzhou City

4th China (Hunan) Mineral & Gem Show

First Chenzhou Merchants Conference

Colorful Chenzhou City

Review on “12th 5-Year Plan” and Expectation for“13th 5-Year Plan”

2015 Hunan (Chenzhou) Agricultural Products Expo

70th Anniversary of Victory of Anti-Japanese War

Dongjiang Lake-National 5A Landscape

First Chenzhou Games

2015 China (Hunan) Red Tourism Festival & China (Guidong) Fitness Leisure Summer Festival

Fu- Blessing Culture of Chenzhou City

Establishment of National Civilized City

Third China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Show

Eight New Scenic Spots of Chenzhou City

Butterfly Change- Chenzhou City’s Development Pattern Changes Rapidly

2014 China (Hunan) Tourism Industry Expo

Sports City