First Martyr Memorial Hall Finished in Guiyang County

It was introduced that the first Martyrs Memorial Hall of Guiyang County was finished there. The hall would be opened on September 30, 2015- the seco ..

Hot “Red Tourism” on 70th Anniversary for Victory of Anti-Japan

It was reported that during the first 3-day public holiday for the 70th anniversary for victory of anti-Japanese war, the red revolutionary scenic sp ..

Commemorative Stamp for the 70th Anniversary of Victory of Anti-J

It was reported that the commemorative stamp for the 70th anniversary of victory of anti-Japanese war & anti-fascist war was firstly issued to the mar ..



"Zixing People Fought Against Japanese Army in 1945"

Preventing Japanese army from invading Zixing urban areaIn the early February, 1945, Japanese army invaded to Xixiang and Beixiang of Zixing city and committed ..

"2015 Tour of China to be Opened on Oct. 15"

It was reported that the agenda of 2015 Tour of China was released recently. Chenzhou-Zixing point-to-point contest would be held on Oct. 15, 2015. Tour of Chin ..