Welcome to Chenzhou

Chenzhou boasts a long history. The line-carved bone of late Paleolithic period discovered within the boundaries of Guiyang County indicated that, as early as more than 10,000 years ago, there were primitive people living on this land. It has a history of more than 200 years originating from Qin Dynasty.

The character "chen" in Chinese means it is "the city in the forest". The character can be found in The Records of the Grand Historian (Chinese name: Shiji) written by Sima Qian (the father of Chinese… more >>

  • Linwu Develops Global Tourism

    On September 20, Linwu Longqi International Hotel construction project officially started. According to the responsible person, the hotel, a total investment of ...... more >>

    Standard and Orderly Summer Tourism Market in Chen

    On the afternoon of September 1, the briefing of cross-check on the summer tourism market order and travel safety in Chenzhou City was held. Wang Chaoxiang, Dep ...... more >>

  • Large Fluorite Mine Found in Yizhang

    Recently, the "Verification report on fluorite mine and metal deposit in Jiepailing mining area of Yizhang County Hunan Province" showed that the mining area ho ...... more >>

    Chenzhou to Achieve Mineral Gem Industry Annual Ou

    Recently, Chenzhou introduced the "Development plan of mineral gemstone industry in Chenzhou (2017-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as "plan"). The "plan" analyz ...... more >>

  • The Spring Festival Condolences to Blood Donors Ac

    On January 21, Chenzhou in the province took the lead in carrying out the Spring Festival condolences to voluntary blood donors activities led by the municipal ...... more >>

    Leaders of United Front Work Department of Chenzho

    Wang Heping Visited the Minority Peoples
    On January 22, Municipal Standing Committee and Minister of United Front Work Department of Municipal Committee, Wang H ...... more >>

  • Rail Transit Vocational Education Group Establishe

    The reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission that the National Urban Rail Transit Vocational Education Group was established in Bei ...... more >>

    Chenzhou - Yongxing Express Line on Operation

    Fucheng 7 seated custom commercial vehicles On July 24, the reporter learned from the Chenzhou Autotransportation Group that in order to meet the high quality a ...... more >>

  • Guidong County: Rural Tourism Brings "Beautiful Ec

    In Hunan, Guidong County in Chenzhou City is known as the "health paradise, summer resort". In recent years, Guidong County continued to develop tourism poverty ...... more >>

    Trying All Efforts on Improving Economic Developme

    It was reported that the scheduling conference concerned for Chenzhou industrial economy and industrial parks’ economy was held in Chenzhou City on June 9 ...... more >>

  • Liu Zhiren: Developing "Red Triangle" as National

    On July 25, 2017 annual meeting of "Red Triangle" Economic Development Association was held in Shaoguan. Vice President of Huo Yingdong Group Huo Qigang, Deputy ...... more >>

    Chenzhou Commemorates 70th "World Red Cross Day"

    May 8 is the 70th "World Red Cross Day". The theme activities of studying the "Law of the People's Republic of China on the Red Cross Society" with the theme of ...... more >>

  • First Student Model Competition in Chenzhou City

    On July 21, Chenzhou City held the third "Siqing Lake Cup" Science and Technology Sports Model Competition and the first "Red China, Red Boat" Model Competition ...... more >>

    28881 Students Applied for 2018 College Entrance E

    On May 31st, a week before the annual national college entrance exam, senior three students entered the sprint stage of revision. The reporter learned from the ...... more >>

  • 2019 Spring Festival Livable Culture Festival in F

    In order to fully display the livable style of Chenzhou, encourage returnees to buy property in Chenzhou, facilitate citizens to buy new year's goods, and help ...... more >>

    Compilation Work of "Chenzhou Tong Dian" Starts

    On January 14, Li Juan, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Municipal CPPCC, chaired a leading group meeting on Chenzhou's cultural and historical work. The mee ...... more >>

  • 13th Climbing Suxian Mount Activities Held

    Recently, the "Chinese Sports Lottery" National New Year Climbing and Fitness Conference and the 13th Climbing Suxian Mount Activities in Chenzhou were held in ...... more >>

    2018 National Youth Wushu Routine Championship Hel

    In the Men's South Cudgel Play CompetitionRecently, the 2018 National Youth Wushu Routine Championship officially opened at the Chenzhou Sports Training Base, a ...... more >>

  • Rucheng County Provides Chinese Herbal Medicine Pl

    On November 6th, the 6 days of Chinese herbal medicine planting popular science and technology training activities in Nandong Town Rucheng County ended. In orde ...... more >>

    Chenzhou "Family Doctor" Experience Becomes Nation

    On November 2nd, the experience exchange meeting on the national grassroots health information construction and rural doctor team construction was held in Zunyi ...... more >>

  • 2019 "Camping China" Youth Winter Camp Chenzhou St

    Recently, 2019 "Camping China" Youth Public Welfare Outdoor Winter Camp (Chenzhou Station, Hunan) officially opened. This winter camp was directed by the Youth ...... more >>

    Chenzhou Military-Supporting Enterprises & Units C

    Recently, Chenzhou City held the first Commending Congress for Top Ten Military-Supporting Enterprises and Excellent Military-Supporting Units, which was not on ...... more >>

Administrative Regions

Chenzhou today administers 2 districts and 9 counties/county-level cities, including Beihu District, Suxian District, Guiyang County, Yizhang County, Yongxing County, Jiahe County, Linwu County, Rucheng County, Guidong …