Qualitative Change- Chenzhou City’s Development Pattern Changes Rapidly

It is so short time for a city’s development in one year. How can it be changed in one year? The diligent Chenzhou people presented beautiful scroll to us. Along with earlier three-year great development and the promotion of“another three-year” project, Chenzhou city’s development pattern has been and is being changed.

Qualitative Change

Transportation pattern

A rapid communication network with the main framework of expressway, high speed train, national and Hunan provincial road and intercity highway has been basically established in Chenzhou city. Hengwu expressway and Xiarong expressway have been opened to public, and some other expressways as Yueru and Guinin expressway were under construction or was going to be constructed. The total mileage of 780kms expressways indicated that Chenzhou city entered into a high-speed era and became a traffic hub city from traffic node.