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Chenzhou Jiahe Banjia Song





Banjia Song (songs sung on the occasion of daughters getting married) as a tradition of Jiahe County in Hunan Province has been passed down until now. Banjia Song is a kind of Chinese folksongs with high reputation as there is a saying that "the North has Lan Huahua (a folk song originated from Shaanxi Province), while the South has Banjia Song."


Jiahe folksong created by Jiahe ancestors during their long-term social life and practices has a variety of forms. Among the 2369 folksongs and ballads collected, Jiahe Banjia Songs represent the most typical folksongs with the number of 1300, attaining almost 60% of the total collected folksongs.


Banjia Song as a kind of Han Nationality folksongs is very complete, integrating poems, songs, dances and plays. And it is a treasure created by Jiahe women to reflect the traditional marriage conventions.


Illustrated Introduction to Jiahe County says, "When a girl is getting married, at her wedding all women related-in-law will gather together to sing overnight."


Banjia Song has a wide range of performances including 5 main forms: singing to confess one's love, singing a long poetic song, dancing accompanying the wedding, crying over the girl getting married and singing without music accompaniment.


Based on the singing words and the forms, Jiahe Banjia Song is a long lyric poem to pour out women's emotion and a lyric folk opera reflecting the traditional marriage conventions.