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King Pan Festival of Yao Ethnic Minority





The King Pan Festival of Yao Minority is on October 16th of the Chinese lunar calendar, when the Minority in Zixing City (county-level city) organizes activities of Fulfilling King Pan's Wishes every year. The activities last for seven days and nights, including featuring a variety of art forms, such as songs, dances and other performances. The tambourin dance imitates honoring gods, hunting, housing, slash, burn cultivation and other actions, which vividly reproduces the lifestyle of Yao Minority in the past.


In ancient times, Yao Minority was nomadic. It hasn't had its own words. They did not have their own language; their history and culture have come down in folk songs and classical sacrifice activities of Fulfilling King Pan's Wishes, through which the minority records its migration life.
The ritual ceremonies of Yao Minority in Zixing City for the King Pan Festival are handed down in the form of performances taught by Taoist priests orally generation by generation. They are typical of Taoist activities of Yao Minority, which are of great value for rescue and protection.