Dabujiang quilting art originated in the Han Dynasty, popular in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and the Republic period, is a popular primitive ecological plastic art. And the modern Dabujiang quilting embroidery uses other art styles for reference and adopts modern art design concept to join modern life elements on the basis of the traditional expression technique, with high artistic value, which was included in the 2nd batch of intangible cultural heritage protection directory in Chenzhou.

The quilting art is not an isolated art form, but it is closely linked to people's life and attracts peop
The quilting art inherits the traditional performance techniques and draws lessons from other forms of artistic expression with the design ideas of modern art, colorful elements and images and high-grade fabrics and embroidery thread to break through traditional application fields and make the ancient cultural heritage unique.

Quilting art is a kind of expression of folk art and is the product of historical development. This traditional handicraft has been a common skill in the minds of the local people over the long years and can be seen everywhere. At that time quilting handmade art was a s
Dabujiang quilting embroidery is a popular primitive ecological plastic art in southern Hunan, which is in rags and old clothes everywhere as raw material and in black, white, blue, red and yellow as main colors. The inheritors combining with the unconstrained imagination elaborately produce the art works full of rich local flavor to convey the rich and colorful emotional world.

The content of Dabujiang quilting embroidery is also very rich and simple, divided in 3 aspects:

(1) The reaction of the people to pray for life and emotion, including folk stories and legends, such as the Eight Fair
First is the artistic value. Quilting art comes from the folk life with a strong local flavor and unique art language and forms. We know that any art is very particular on the personality and characteristics, and strictly speaking, the works without personality and characteristics cannot be art. Because of this, the quilting art stands out in the world of art with its deep roots, unique form and strong vitality.

Second is the commercial value and use value. In the past long years, the quilting art products were the necessities of life in the local people with a wide area of coverage and appli

In recent years, Yongxing County fully developed the cultural heritage and attached great importance to Dabujiang quilting embroidery which was declared as the intangible cultural heritage protection project in Chenzhou in 2009. After years of promotion and development, Dabujiang quilting art has been out of Yongxing village to open the quilt art workshops and stores in Chenzhou nowadays. Dabujiang quilting art has the new communication and display platform for inheritance and promotion.


The inheritors of Dabujiang quilting embroidery He Juan was born in Dabujiang Yon
In all kinds of art flourishing today, the quilting art as an ancient and unique art, has a broad space for development. Since 1998, more than 100 works have been selected for exhibitions at provincial, municipal and county levels. The quilting works produced by Wang Ying and Cao Xiaobo have been displayed in Japan and won the awards; a number of works produced by Wu Yourong and Cao Xinglan have been selected to display in Hunan folk Art Exhibition of Hong Kong. Because of the country's attention and enhanced propaganda on the intangible cultural work and the quilting works exhibitions, some y

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