On July 25, the selection press conference of my favorite "Top 10 beautiful towns", "Top 10 beautiful villages", "Top 10 famous brands of agricultural products", "Top 10 marked agricultural leading enterprises", "Top 10 demonstrative leisure farms" and "Top 10 tourist destinations" in Chenzhou was held in the municipal government press conference room.

The selection activities were co-sponsored by the CPC Chenzhou municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, Chenzhou Agricultural Committee (CPC Chenzhou Municipal Committee of Rural Work Office), and Chenzhou Tourism Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau and will select the "Top 10 beautiful towns, Top 10 beautiful villages, Top 10 famous brands of agricultural products, Top 10 marked agricultural leading enterprises, Top 10 demonstrative leisure farms and Top 10 tourist destinations" in Chenzhou with high social popularity, great influence and Chenzhou characteristics through the "Internet + publicity" action to deve
Top 10s

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