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  • Reform of the Government Affairs and Services of Chenzhou Cit

Administrative Regions

Chenzhou City is located in the south of Hunan Province and the upper reaches of Xiangjiang River, Zhujiang River and Ganjiang River. It abuts the Five Ridges in the south and the Hengshan Mountain in the north. The longitude is between 112.13 and 114.14 degrees east, and the latitude is between 24.53 and 26.50 degrees north. Due to its special geographic location...

Sister Cities

  • Chenzhou & Laredo, Texas

    Chenzhou & Laredo, Texas(Date:01.2015)

  • Chenzhou City & Moore County

    Chenzhou City & Moore County(Date:11.2014)

  • Zixing County & Rock Island County

    Zixing County & Rock Island County(Date:11.2014)