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Chenzhou & Laredo, Texas

I Introduction
Chinese city: Chenzhou City, China
Sister city: Laredo             
(Laredo City )
Nation: USA
Administration level: county
Friendship building date: September 1, 2002
Chinese contact: Tourism and Foreign Affairs Bureau of Chenzhou City  
Tel. : 0735-2368210
Foreign contact: Elizabeth G. Florez, Mayor of Laredo
Exchange Evaluation: in contact (normal contact but ordinary exchange and cooperation)
II Characteristics of the sister city
Geographic location: south Texas, U.S.A, bordering Mexico
Population: 215,484 (in 2006)
Area: 210 km2
Economic development and industrial characteristics:
Laredo is the largest inland port on the borderline of US, Mexican and Canada. Its economic growth rate ranks No. 2 in US, only next to Las Vegas. Its economy is reliant on foreign trade, transportation, products processing and natural gas exploitation.
Main linked industry: products processing
III Exchange
Economy and trade, education, and characteristic industries.
Cultural and sports exchange: in September 2004, leaders from Zixing (a city in Chenzhou and Laredo planted in the newly-built Dongjiang Cultural Square a tree symbolizing the ever-lasting friendship of the two cities.
Economy & trade exchange: in February 2003, a delegation from Zixing was invited to take part in the International Sister City Economy and Trade Exchange Conference in Laredo. The 4 agreements they reached in the conference amount to $10 million.
Exchange visits:
1. In January 2003, a delegation led by Mr. Wang Zhou, the mayor of People's Government of Zixing City, visited Laredo.
2. In September 2004, a delegation led by Kyu Varna, secretary-general of Laredo, was invited by Zixing City to participate the 20th anniversary of the founding of Zixing city on Zixing County.
3. In June 2005, a delegation led by Mr. Zhang Shunchun, 1st deputy mayor of Zixing, visited Laredo.
4. In April 2006, a delegation led by Mr. Chen Xiang'an, vice secretary of Zixing Municipal Party, visited Laredo to carry out such activities as trade, tourism and education.