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Chenzhou City & Moore County

I Introduction
Chinese city: Chenzhou, China
Sister city: Moore County    (Moore County )
Nation: U.S.A
Administration level: county
Friendship building date: November. 25, 2008
Chinese contact: Chen Cuiyun (Director of Guidong Foreign Affairs Department)                    
 Tel.: 0735-8628122
Foreign contact: Blake (congressman of North Carolina)
Exchange Evaluation: good (maintaining frequent exchange and cooperation as well as people-to-people contact)
II Characteristics of the sister city
Geographic location: along east coast of United States, in the sand dunes area of North Carolina.
Population and ethnicity: 82,685 in total, 15.1% black, 82.7% white.
Area and terrain: 689 km2 of land, sand dunes terrain.
Economic development and industrial characteristics:
2002 witnessed its industrial manufacture value at $649, 02 million and retail sales at $773,87 million. In 2000, its per capita income was & 23,400. Moore county is famous for porcelain, horse husbandry, antique and golf.
III Exchange
Education and correspondence
Exchange visits:
1. In March 2007, a delegation of congressmen, governmental officials and businessmen from North Carolina visited Guidong County and signed the friendship agreement intent book with Guidong County.
2. In 2008, a delegation led by Liu Xiang'e, director of Chenzhou City People's Congress, in return visited Moore and officially signed the friendship agreement book with Moore.