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ADBC Chenzhou Branch Supports Material Production for Epidemic Prevention & Control to Ensure People's Livelihood

After the liquidity problem was solved, Hunan HESI Biotechnology Co., Ltd. started to fully produce ......2020-02-17

Suxian District Natural Resources Bureau Raises Funds to Fight Against Epidemic

Facing the severe situation of epidemic prevention and control, on February 14, Suxian District Natu ......2020-02-17

Chenzhou City's 19 Key Construction Projects Return to Work

In order to ensure the smooth start of the project construction in the first quarter, Chenzhou Devel ......2020-02-16

Chendian International: Vigorously Promote Epidemic Prevention and Control & Return to Work

Recently, Chendian International held the 4th Party Committee (enlarged) Meeting in 2020 to redeploy ......2020-02-16

Chenzhou Economic Development Zone Successfully Introduces Medical Mask Production Project

Recently, Chenzhou Economic Development Zone and Guangdong Oupinjia Wanxing Personal Care Co., Ltd. ......2020-02-15

Suxian District: Volunteer Service into Community & Build Anti Epidemic Firewall

Community is the first line of defense against the outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia. In the fac ......2020-02-15

Delta Electronics in Chenzhou High-tech Zone Returns to Work

The medical staff of the health management center of Chenzhou First People's Hospital measured the t ......2020-02-14

Hunan Hanzhun Company Donates Anti Epidemic Materials to Yizhang County

Recently, Yizhang County Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Affiliated Hospital of the Cou ......2020-02-14

Dongjiang Lake Water Passenger Transport Officially Resumed

On February 10, at the Huangcao town passenger terminal in Dongjiang Lake Reservoir area of Zixing C ......2020-02-13

Ensuring Travel Safety during Return Passenger Peak Period

Recently, with the enterprises returning to work and production one after another, there was a peak ......2020-02-13

Beihu District: 2000 jins of Strawberries to Help Fight Epidemic

"It's really hard for the first-line anti epidemic comrades. We also need to make some contribution ......2020-02-12

Tiantiao Biotechnology Company in Beihu District Donates to Support Epidemic Prevention & Control

Recently, Tiantiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd. in Huatang Town, Beihu District donated 100 thousand yuan ......2020-02-12

Chenzhou Fully Guarantees Safety of Urban Water Supply

On February 7th, the author saw in front of Chendian International Chenzhou Water Supply Co., Ltd. t ......2020-02-11

Sany Group President Donates to Support Anren County Education System

On February 8th, Tang Xiuguo and Li Kemei of the Sany Group donated 1 million yuan to the Anren coun ......2020-02-11

Suxian District: Clothing Enterprises "Transform" to Produce Masks

With the continuous development of the prevention and control of the new coronavirus infected pneumo ......2020-02-10

Agricultural Development Bank of China Launches Loan to Support Rice Supply

The Agricultural Development Bank quickly reviewed the loan of 14 million yuan to support the produc ......2020-02-10

Jiahe Kind Enterprise Provides Warmth to First-line Anti Epidemic Police

On February 5, at the public security inspecion station in Xinglang Village, Jiahe County, kind peop ......2020-02-09

Chenzhou Overseas Returnees Association in action

Epidemic situation is order, and prevention and control is responsibility. Since the "first level re ......2020-02-09

Chenzhou Love Enterprise Donates Goggles to Chenzhou Traffic Police

On the afternoon of February 6, the traffic police detachment of Chenzhou Public Security Bureau rec ......2020-02-08

Chenzhou People Celebrate Lantern Festival

People buy Tangyuan at Shengyuan supermarket on Renmin West Road
to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

Guiyang County Cadres & Workers Donates Money to Fight Epidemic

On February 5, the new coronavirus infected pneumonia emergency response headquarters of Guiyang Cou ......2020-02-07

Fresh Vegetables Warm the Hearts

On the morning of February 6, a caring delivery vehicle loaded with 903.7 jin of fresh vegetables ar ......2020-02-07

Some Agricultural Markets in Urban Area Open

Staff are carrying out disinfection and temperature test for vehicles and personnel entering the Qix ......2020-02-06

Chenzhou Education Foundation Donates 300,000 yuan for School Epidemic Prevention

In response to the new coronavirus infection of pneumonia, on February 3, Chenzhou Education Foundat ......2020-02-06

Using Mobile Propaganda Vehicles to Enhance Awareness of Prevention & Control of Masses

Party members and cadres of Changchongpu Village, Boliping Street, Suxian District drive mobile prop ......2020-02-05

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