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Chenzhou Wins First Place on Hunan Provincial Transportation Assessment for the Three Consecutive Years



It was learned from the working conference for Hunan transportation that Chenzhou city won the first place on 2014 Hunan transportation development management assessment, which was the three consecutive years for Chenzhou city to win this title.


In 2014, Chenzhou Municipal Party Committee and Chenzhou Government kept implementing the strategy “transportation in advance”, confirmed “five transforms” development targets as transforming from a traffic node city to be a traffic comprehensive hub, transforming from plane and single transportation to comprehensive and three-dimensional transportation, and etc., and kept high standards on “construction, management, maintenance, operation and governance” to handle the construction of inter-provincial transportation hub. Currently, the density of Chenzhou city’s road network is up to 90.5kms/one hundred square kms. A half-an-hour traffic economic zone of Chenzigui and Chenyongyi “great cross” town cluster, one-hour traffic economic zone of Chenzhou city, and three-hour traffic economic zone of Changzhutan, the Pearl River Delta and other economic plates were formed in Chenzhou city, which greatly improved Chenzhou city’s transformation development level.


It was introduced that 11.587billion yuan was finished in Chenzhou city in 2014, ranking ahead of Hunan province. Chishi bridge of Xiarong expressway and final stage of Yanru expressway were promoted hardly. 15 continuous projects of arterial highways of “the twelfth five-year” has almost been finished, and the 110kms upgrading project for 107 national road has been completed. 541kms rural roads were built in 2014, covering 126.2% of Hunan provincial task, and 99.5% of organizational villages were facilitated with roads. At the meantime, the highway and waterway become more smoothed that 134kms arterial ways were finished with heavy and medium repairs. According to the record, the good rate for arterial ways’ condition was up to 94.6% in 2014. 1600kms civilized demonstration roads were set up in Chenzhou city, ranking the top place of Hunan province. The reconstruction work for 87 dangerous bridges, greening work for 2170kms roads and lighting up work for 511kms roads and channels have been finished as well. 310 new energy public buses were facilitated to the industry, which enabled the total number of new energy public buses of Chenzhou city to be 757, ranking ahead of Hunan province. Intelligent safe-guard system was facilitated to 350 public buses and the networks of overload monitoring platform for both Chenzhou municipal level and county level were connected.