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6 Climbing Activities to be Held in Chenzhou City



It was learned from 2014 annual meeting of Chenzhou Mountaineering Association that 6 climbing activities would be held in 2015 to grant more vigor for Chenzhou’s fitness program.


It was introduced that the six activities were as follow: climbing 5 peaks of Chenzhou city, trans-south Hunan trip to seek the root of Shennong, 50kms hiking around Dongjiang Lake, the forth Feitian mountain rallisport challenge, 50kms hiking around Jiulongjiang river, and Wanshi mountain “red rectangle” international tent festival. Besides those, the association would take active actions on the construction of mountainous rescue team and carrying out some training of outdoor radio application and red cross outdoor emergency rescue with the guidance of China Mountaineering Association.


In 2014, with the guidance of Chenzhou Sports Bureau, the association held series activities as 2014 New Year climbing contest in Suxianling, 605 Group Rucheng edu-aid donation, 50kms hiking around Jiulongjiang river, Feitian mountain 100kms Danxia rallisport challenge, Dongjiang Lake hiking, red rectangle tent festival, and etc. Feitian mountain rallisport challenge was highly praised by China Mountaineering Association, Hunan Mountaineering Association and Chenzhou Sports Bureau.