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Hunan Natural Resources Promotion Exhibition to Open in 5th CMGS


On March 14, Hunan Province Natural Resources Promotion Exhibition of 5th China (Hunan) International Mineral & Gem Show (short for “CMGS”) held the field coordination meeting.


It was understood that in order to further promote the Hunan's distinctive natural resources and achieve the strategic goal of global tourism, according to the provincial government requirements, during the 5th CMGS, the main exhibition hall will also hold the "Splendid Xiaoxiang, happy Hunan - Hunan Natural Resources Promotion Exhibition". The contents of the show will highlight the characteristics of the city and at the same time focus on the city's major geological parks, mine parks, mineral resources, geological relic resources, and exhibition-related tourism resources, ornamental stones, mineral gems and other promotion. At present, our city has been planning 16 booths in the main exhibition hall, a total of 7000 square meters exhibition area for the Provincial Geological Museum and 14 cities and states.


Deputy Secretary and Deputy Director of Provincial Land and Resources Department Yan Xuemao said that the Mineral & Gem Show is not only the international event in Hunan Province, but also an important platform to promote the land resources and tourism resources. The municipal government should further raise awareness, and unify the thinking to the decision-making deployment of provincial committee and government; according to the provincial committee and government's instructions, should set up the special leadership teams and technical teams, carefully organize and carefully prepare; should highlight the theme of the Mineral & Gem Show, take into account the balance of exhibits in the exhibition hall, and make a special impact.


Vice Mayor Zhou Hailin attended the meeting.