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Stunt Kite Show Held in Shennong Plaza of Anren County










On March 15, Stunt Kite Show was held in Shennong Plaza of Anren County, Hunan Province. 100 different sizes of kites from fourteen kite players were flown over the Shennong Square. Under the magic hands of the stunt performers, the kites showed different patterns in the sky, sometimes hovering in the air, sometimes flying with each other and dancing like a ballet dancer in the sky, and won the cheers of the audience.


It is understood that this "stunt kite" also known as "sports kite", originated in Europe and the United States. Different from the traditional Chinese kite, it is controlled by at least two pull lines and hands and cooperated by eyes, hands and brain. You can make into the 8-shaped, round and other free rotation and lifting special effects. The show has strong viewing effect, but also can strengthen the body. The Stunt Kite is one of the essential items of kite race now.


The two kite enthusiasts on the spot said that the wingspan of this "stunt kite" is about 2 to 3 meters, the length is more than 20 meters, and the highest can be lifted is more than 40 meters. It needs good physical strength to fly this kite. The person with weak body can not pull and will be dragged to run.