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Forum of Hunan Rural Tourism Festival Held in Anren County


It was reported that the forum of Hunan Rural Tourism Festival was held in Anren County. Some poverty alleviation stories concerned about Rice Field Park were introduced there. The attendants also shared their ideas on poverty alleviation and improving the rural tourism of Anren County.


He Caisheng who is one of the villagers of Xinfeng Village, Yonglejiang Town shared his story of lifting out of poverty. He Caisheng lived near the park and became richer after the improvement of the park. As introduced by He, he bought two rice threshers in 2015, which can help him to earn some income during the busy farming season as well as the season of cole flower. He also operates the business of renting bicycles in the park. In 2014, his family can only get less than 1000yuan/person, but now increases to 8000yuan/year. He Caisheng said proudly on the forum: “I have been lifted out of poverty.”


After listening to the stories of local villagers, the guests shared their ideas with each other on improving the rural tourism of Anren County. Gao Yangxian who is the Deputy Director of Hunan Tourism Development Commission Anren County should further explore the tourism potentiality and improve the integrated development of agriculture and tourism on the basis of No.1 file issued by the Central Government. Zhang Jianyong who is the professor from Jishou University suggested that Anren County should play best advantages of local special culture, improve the design of tourism, and promote the tourism consumption. Zhong Yongde who is the Director of Tourism Institute of Central South Forestry and Technology University considered that Anren County should improve rural tourism together with agricultural industry and accurate poverty alleviation, explore more tourism resources, and popularize its fame by developing more features of itself.