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Film "Journey in Women Island" Started Shooting in Chenzhou



Opening Ceremony


On July 9, the film "Journey in Women Island" was started the shooting in Suxian District of Chenzhou City. The film is a time-travel comedy with magical colors, which tells the plague is coming and four masters together find the password to save the world. The new actor modeling, modern props and equipment and distinctive independent personality will subvert the serious image of old version of "Journey to the West," and create a new comedy effect.


It was reported that the film will be shot in Dongjiang Lake of Zixing, Sanhe Village of Beihu District, Longnv Hot Spring, Guiyang Yangshan Village and other places, and broadcasted in October this year, duration of 85 minutes.
The film is the first big-budget movie panorama shooting in the local Chenzhou, will drive the incubation of the film base, and promote the development of Chenzhou cultural tourism industry.