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Love Classroom Enriches Children's Summer Life



The volunteers play warm-up games with kids.



Group games


To achieve the "custody and grow together", Chenzhou Minor Protection Center, volunteers from Foreign Studies School of Xiangnan University and Yide Social Work Service Center jointly carried out the interesting love classroom activities to care for left-behind children in the Shizhu Park community of Bailu Town Suxian District, a total of 36 children (including left-behind children) to participate in 133 times.


In the 3-day fun class, the volunteers gave the children a lot of interesting games and knowledge. The interesting games included the "love hug" and "squirrel move", Everything Taboo, etc.; the interesting knowledge included the English classes, maths, manual classes, group counseling classes and music classes. The volunteers' patient teaching and the active performance of the children made the classes very successful.


In order to make the classes more interesting and vivid, the volunteers also produced a lot of props. For example, volunteers wrote many words on the color cards with the corresponding pictures to enhance the children's understanding and memory in the interesting English class. In these love interesting class, the children not only learned a lot of knowledge, but also experienced a lot of fun in life.