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Municipal Leaders Make Unannounced Visit to Food and Drug Safety Situation


On July 8, Vice Mayor He Zunqing made unannounced visit to food and drug safety situation. He Zunqing stressed to further increase the intensity of work, implement the food and drug supervision and management work, and let the food and drug industry to strengthen the health consciousness.


He Zunqing and his entourage came to the newspaper farmers market, Dongyuange market and Tianlong bus station, and checked the health situation in the market, small food stores and small restaurants. He proposed the rectification requirements for the problems and deficiencies. The food and drug safety situation of 3 places was generally good, but there were some problems in the three proof measures and the environmental sanitation of small food stores and small restaurants in Dongyuange market and Tianlong bus station should be further improved.


In the subsequent food and drug safety unannounced visit and the work scheduling meeting, He Zunqing pointed out that the food and drug department should raise the awareness, establish the concept of creation for the city, the people and the development, enhance the overall sense of honor in the city, take the creation as an opportunity of promotion, strengthen the awareness of competition, and strength the food and drug safety supervision; should fully implement the responsibility and increase the patrol supervision; should strengthen the measures, not reduce the standard, further investigate and clear up the irregular operations, enforce the law and regulate for the repeated violations, and implement the food and drug safety supervision.