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Inspect Regulation Situation for "Six Small" Industry


On July 10, Deputy Secretary of the Municipal CPPCC Party and Vice Chairman Cao Jianping led the relevant departments to inspect the regulation situation for "six small" industry and dealt with the problems in the field.


The inspection team and his party inspected the operating conditions of "six small" industry in the Goudong Street, Zuyechong Road, South Yanquan Road, Minquan Road and other sections, and checked if the health facilities, disinfection measures and environmental hygiene met the standard requirements. According to the inspection result, there were the health measures problems, incomplete license, lack of health system and other issues in some small restaurants and food stores. The inspection team also came to the city CDC to check the employee health certificate.


Cao Jianping pointed out that the relevant departments should strengthen the publicity and guidance to enhance the participation and sense of responsibility of the public and the business operators, and improve the consciousness and health management level of business units; should strengthen the coordination and cooperation to form the cooperation and coordination work pattern; should make clear the responsibility and assign specific tasks to the posts and individuals, and implement the dynamic management for the responsibility list; should improve the infrastructure and comprehensively enhance the operating conditions of "six small" industry, to ensure the public health safety of the masses.