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Volunteer Service Activities into the Community


In the crucial period of Chenzhou meeting the civilization level index evaluation of national civilized city, Chenzhou started the volunteer service activities of "million party members and cadres" into the community on July 11.


In order to promote the establishment of national civilized city and deepen the volunteer service work of the party members, the Municipal Civil Affairs Office and the Municipal Committee jointly issued the notice of "work plan on the organization of "million party members and cadres" volunteer service activities into the community. The Notice required that the municipal organs should attach great importance to and carefully organize, make concrete and feasible plan of activities according to the actual work, and normalize, institutionalize and standardize the voluntary service activities into the community.


More than 10,000 in-service party members and cadres of municipal organs participated in the activities. They carried out the "four one" volunteer service activities, that are to carry out a creative campaign, participate in a special group activity, participate in a community health cleaning activity, and carry out a collection activity for ideas and suggestions. The party member volunteers should wear the party emblem, bright identity, and offer cordial service when carried out the volunteer service activities into the community. Each in-service party member should mainly use the spare time in the form of volunteer service and with own specialty and advantages, carry out extensive publicity around the basic knowledge of establishing a national civilized city, and strive to become civilized demonstration and public welfare promotion staff. Our city will regularly check the volunteer service activities and evaluate the service effectiveness.