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"Walking China • Perception of Five Years" Overseas Chinese Medias Interview Held



At the scene


The "Walking China • perception of five years" overseas Chinese medias interview and media credentials were held in Chenzhou on the afternoon of September 5.



Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor Liu Zhiren introduced the situation and the economic and social development of Chenzhou.



Municipal Standing Committee and Minister of Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department Feng Haiyan presided over the meeting.



Argentina, Australia, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Madagascar, South Africa, Spain and more than 10 overseas Chinese media representatives attended the meeting.


Vice Mayor Zhou Hailin introduced the situation of Chenzhou's investment and opening up to overseas Chinese media.



Liu Zhiren accepted the interviews of overseas Chinese media representatives after the meeting.


The "Walking China • Perception of Five Years" media interview in Chenzhou was sponsored by the China News Agency Hunan branch to show the vivid practice of the strategies "innovation lead, open up" and "industry lead, comprehensive development" in Chenzhou through the interview activities.



Photos after meeting