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The 26th FIBA Asian Championships Cup to be Held in Chenzhou


On September 8, the 26th FIBA Asian Championships Cup preparatory meeting was held in Chenzhou.


It was reported that the 26th FIBA Asian Championships Cup will be held from September 22 to 30 in the city Sports Center, which is also our city's second consecutive hosting the event. By then, China Kashgar, Iran Petrochimi, UAE Al Ahli, Lebanon Al Riyadi, Indian ONGC, BC Astana, Thailand Mono Vampire, Sarreyyet Ramallah, Philippines CTG and Dacin Tigers will compete in 32 games. At the same time, the basketball caravan activities will be held in some parks and squares from September 17 to 30.


At the meeting, Vice Mayor He Jianxiang stressed that we should always put safety in the first place. This event involves the international relations and cross-strait relations, and we should pay attention to political security, ensure the safety of eating and lodging, ensure the safety of the venue and ensure the facilities, equipment, water and electricity network and fire equipment in the stadium to meet the standard; the departments should cooperate, develop detailed plans and clear responsibility and time nodes according to the task; the event reports should focus on the image of Chenzhou and make full use of the games to expand Chenzhou's visibility and influence.