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Chenzhou Calligrapher Holds Solo Exhibition


On September 8, the "China dream · hometown" Wu Yongbin calligraphy works exhibition was held at the City Cultural Center co-hosted by the Chenzhou Folk Artists Association and the city library.


Wu Yongbin, born in Guiyang County, loved calligraphy at an early age, started training at 6 years old and studied under the famous calligrapher Xi Zhiqiang and the painting and calligraphy master Qi Gong. After 30 years of continuous learning, research and innovation, his work has matured to form his style and he has won several awards at home and abroad.


A total of more than 100 pieces of works will be showed in the exhibition. There are the ancient seal and clerical script, neat regular script and free running script, in various forms and colorful styles, which have strong ornamental and infectious, and artistic value and visual impact. The exhibition time is from September 8 to 11.


Vice Chairman of the CPPCC Wang Dong attended the opening ceremony.