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Anti-drug Public Films Activities in Anren


In order to widely publicize the dangers of drugs to the society and enhance people's awareness of keeping off drugs and ability to resist drugs, Anren County carried out the 100 anti-drug public films into the villages activities recently.


The county took the "Anti-drug work into the villages" as the main line and carried the activities in the form of watching anti drug films, anti-drug knowledge propaganda and interaction among residents. The anti-drug volunteers in Anren County actively participated in the activities and issued all kinds of anti drug publicity materials in the process of watching films. It was understood that Anren Anti-drug Office and County Culture and Sports Bureau jointly carried out the anti-drug education films into the villages and the schools tour activities and they have played the "Substitute President", "Paper Plane", "Operation Mekong" and other films in 120 times for more than 20,000 people in Yongle Town, Zhushan Town and more than 10 towns since May this year.