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Dongjiang Lake Hostels Attract Tourists






On February 4th, the staff of Above Water theme hostel near Dongjiang Lake was busy hanging festive lanterns for the upcoming tourism peak during Spring Festival. He Xiang, the owner of the hostel, introduced that they had prepared some local Spring Festival folk activities for tourists, such as making flowers, writing couplets and riddles guessing, so that the tourists visiting Dongjiang Lake could experience the New Year atmosphere in Zixing City.

It was understood that the Association of Dongjiang Lake BNB organized more than 40 hostels to carry out the activities of "Chinese New Year Custom" during the Spring Festival, and hold various kinds of activities according to their own characteristics to allow tourists to participate in and interact with tourists, including making Ciba, pig killing rice, paper-cut, making flowers, writing couplets, riddles guessing, etc.

In recent years, Dongjiang Lake in Zixing City has developed tourism industry with the opportunity of successfully establishing national 5A scenic spot. In 2017, the city received 11.6085 million tourists from home and abroad, with a total tourist income of 7.226 billion yuan, an increase of 20.02% and 22.83 % respectively, setting a new record.

With the increasing popularity of Dongjiang Lake tourism, the hotels and other tourist facilities around the scenic area were difficult to meet the diverse needs of tourists, such as eating, living, traveling, shopping and entertaining. In 2014, the city's first boutique hostel with the elegant environment, novelty personalization and other characteristics, attracted large numbers of tourists. At present, 3 km area around the Dongjiang Lake Scenic Area and Huangcao, Qingjiang, Bailang and other towns have formed a number of boutique residential communities, which not only increases the reception capacity of Dongjiang Lake scenic spot during the peak season, but also enriches the tourism connotation of the scenic spot, becoming a new force to promote Zixing's transformation from scenic spot tourism to global tourism.