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Beihu District Injects Scientific & Technological Elements into Agricultural Development


 "This is the 'Farm Eyes' equipment and we can manage hundreds of mu of land at home with it."On February 7th, Yang Guohua, Chief Executive Officer of Changsha Sansheng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the company's newly developed intelligent monitoring equipment of "Farm Eyes".


Changsha Sansheng Agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. mainly developed big data network monitoring technology, introduced into Beihu District in July 2017, whose monitoring system can collect large meteorological data and adjust the agricultural industrial structure through global supervision and data analysis. At the 3rd agriculture expo in Chenzhou, Yang Guohua brought his own "Farm Eyes" to the exhibition, attracting the attention of many people. 


According to reports, the "Farm Eyes" can collect data, guide farmers to plant and help create the characteristic of "one village, one product", transmitting the monitored data to phones every half an hour, which can monitor crop production at any time, trace the source of the products and achieve brand upgrading.


It was understood that Beihu District has put the agricultural project attracting investment in a prominent position, and carefully planned and designed to achieve remarkable results in attracting investment of agricultural industry. In 2017, 8 agricultural projects were signed with a total contract amount of 1.4 billion yuan. At the same time, Beihu District has actively set up a comprehensive service platform for farmers, worked out the construction plan of agricultural service project, started the agricultural service pilot work, set up the comprehensive service centers for farmers in the Baohe Yao Nationality Town, Shiheitang Street and Anhe Street, and realized the full coverage of comprehensive services in villages and towns (streets), and rural e-commerce service network through operating "Fu Nong Hui Shang" e-commerce platform of Chenzhou Funonghui Information Technology Co., Ltd. At present, more than 20 enterprises in Beihu District have joined the e-commerce platform of Chenzhou Funonghui Information Technology Co., Ltd.


"Big data network has become an indispensable means for modern agriculture. The problem of selling agricultural products is not only in marketing, but also in developing special cultivation and breeding with local advantages, which is one of the important purposes of the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives." Chen Rongmao, Deputy Party Secretary of Beihu Supply and Marketing Cooperative said that the agricultural enterprises can be more handy in production and sales with the guidance of big data network in the future.


In addition, Beihu District has set up the rural cooperative economic organization federation in the streets of the villages and towns through cooperation with the farmers' professional cooperatives to supervise the agricultural production base." Each product has a QR code that can be scanned to get product information, and each product information has been examined and certified by the Agriculture Bureau, Food and Drug Administration and other relevant departments, so that the enterprises can operate in good faith and produce safe and secure agricultural products." General Manager Yuan Xiaorong, a member of Heshengran Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd. said that the product has an "ID card", effectively promoting the sale of agricultural products.