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Party Members Visit Communities


On February 7th, Xia Zhiqiang, Party Secretary of Zixing Food and Drug Industrial and Commercial Quality Administration, led 29 Party members of the branch to visit the 29 residents in need in the South Minsheng Road Community.


Xia Zhiqiang and his entourage understood in details about the situation of the needy residents in the community and gave them advice on how to get rid of poverty at an early date. They also gave consolation materials, rice and oil to difficult masses to make them feel the warmth from the Party and the government. The difficult masses expressed their gratitude to the Party for their concern and Party members for their help in overcoming the difficulties.


The bureau gave full play to the vanguard and exemplary role of the Party members through the activities of "Party members into the community", and had harmonious relations with the Party and promoted the harmonious development of the community through the benefit people activities, consumption rights into the community, etc.