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Idea-Tops Award Chenzhou Division Launched


On the afternoon of June 8, the competition of 2018 International Space Design Award Idea-Tops in Chenzhou Division was officially launched in Chenzhou and the Green Habitat Design Forum was held at the same time.


The forum, jointly organized by the Idea-Tops Award Organizing Committee, ChenZhou Charity Federation, Academy of Fine Arts and Design of Xiangnan University, and Chenzhou Human Settlements Environment Development Association, aims to guide and enlighten the architectural decoration designers to take man as the core, and urban planning architecture and landscape architecture as the leading factors, combine sociology, economics, psychology, management and so on, integrate the material environment constitution and the social environment constitution in one, and develop the human settlement space design to meet the need for more attention to human aesthetics.


Wu Yue, Dean and Professor of the School of Architecture and Design, Hunan University of Science and Technology, First Class Registered Architect and National Registered Planner, and Wang Xinshi, the originator of Chinese all-sensory Design Idea and an internationally renowned master of furnishings, taught the gists and essence of green human settlement design to the architectural designers attending the forum under the titles of "Construction of traditional geomantic and Modern Human settlement Environment" and "Habitat Space of Natural sense". They believed that the architectural designs should adapt to suit local conditions, use local natural resources, such as mountains, water, topography, landforms and sunlight, preserve the authenticity of traditional culture, achieve the feelings of pottery and the sharing of human and nature, and promote from material consumption to spiritual consumption and ecological consumption.


Chenzhou Zhongyi Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., Hunan Futeng Decoration Co.,Ltd.and other 60 local architectural design enterprises participated at the forum.


The IDEA-TOPS of the International Space Design Competition is a grand prize jointly sponsored by the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, the Central Academy of Fine Arts and the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts, which is the most influential and ideological space design award in the world and the most influential authoritative design award in China at present. Chenzhou Division is the only local city competition division in Hunan Province.