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Sports Poverty Alleviation in Linwu County


In order to cultivate students' scientific literacy, promote and popularize science and technology sports, and fulfill the dream of "summer camp" for poor students outstanding in both morality and learning, Beihu District organized summer camps in the Siqing Lake Youth After-school Activity Base during the summer vacation.


This activity is divided into two periods, each of 50 people, including aviation models, navigational models, and outdoor survival.Students aged between 8 and 14 who have a health examination certificate are eligible for registration, including left-behind, orphaned and needy students, who are free of charge after getting the proof materials provided by schools or relevant institutions.


In recent years, Beihu District has aimed to create the "city of sports" and constantly promoted sports poverty alleviation. They have constructed the development model of "sports+" or "+sports" in poor areas, combined with the advantages of local characteristics, built small towns with sports characteristics, and strengthened the integration development of sports fitness projects and leisure tourism industry.


Beihu District has actively carried out sports poverty alleviation and health poverty alleviation, built the small squares suitable for the vast rural areas, and organized masses to actively carry out various forms of physical fitness activities; strengthened the construction of sports facilities and public service systems in poor areas, and distributed fitness equipment to every poor village; encouraged social capital to invest in sports competitions, sports towns, sports tourism and other brand development and project construction.