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Linwu County Carries out Free Consultation Activities


In order to serve the broad masses of the grassroots and upgrade the basic appropriate technology application level of acupuncture, the Linwu County CPPCC Federation of Industry and Commerce united with the Hunan Academy of Acupuncture and the Department of Rehabilitation of the Chenzhou City First People's Hospital to carry out the "Free consultation activities - Moxibustion tour in Hunan" in the Chinese Mugwort Base of Chutang Town, Linwu County on June 10th.


At the event site, the experts patiently and meticulously measured blood pressure, inquired about the condition, checked the veins, checked the bodies and wrote prescriptions for villagers, and answered the villagers' questions in detail, popularizing the knowledge of health care closely related to daily life and further improving the villagers' awareness of self-care.


According to statistics, more than 500 health education materials were distributed, more than 200 villagers received the free clinic, and more than 150 people were examined for blood pressure, blood sugar and electrocardiogram. Through such activities, the masses of patients, especially poor patients, the elderly and other vulnerable groups can be provided with medical convenience, so that they can enjoy free and high-level medical services of moxibustion, acupuncture and moxibustion without going far away to let the farmer masses get real benefit.