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National Wushu Duan System Promotion Launched



Recently, the pilot work of implementing the national Wushu Duan System was launched in Yongxing County. Yongxing County will combine the actual situation and attract more and more students to join the Wushu training team to create experience for developing campus Wushu activities widely in the future.


Wushu is an important part of Chinese traditional culture and contains important elements of Chinese civilization. As one of the two pilot counties in Chenzhou City, Yongxing Wushu has a long history of development, which has played a positive role in the extensive and in-depth development of the whole people's fitness movement in Chenzhou.


It was reported that in order to ensure the smooth development of the pilot work, Yongxing County has jointly set up a leading group for the promotion of the Wushu Duan System in the county campus and will provide free training of Wushu teachers and free teaching advice and guidance to pilot schools.


Yongxing County, the hometown of Wushu in the province, has made great progress over the years. In the next step, Yongxing County will continue to carry forward the traditional cultural characteristics, carry out campus Wushu Duan System promotion work, forming a long-term, uninterrupted and continuous atmosphere and situation of creating "National Wushu Township".