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Ministry of Science & Technology Investigation Group Visit Chenzhou


From July 4 to 7, Zheng Zhong, Director of Social Services Department, Department of Social Development Science and Technology, Ministry of Science and Technology, led the investigation group to investigate the establishment of the innovative demonstration zone for the national sustainable development agenda in Chenzhou City. During the investigation, the investigation group went deep into Zixing City, Suxian District and other places to conduct field investigation, and held a working forum on the establishment of an innovative demonstration zone for the national sustainable development agenda. Deputy Party Secretary Chen Xuechu presided over the meeting.


In Zixing City, the investigation group inspected the Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park, the Sustainable Development Academician Workstation, wetland restoration and sewage treatment plant; in Suxian District, the investigation group inspected the bismuth deep processing project in Hunan Jinwang Bismuth Industry, the heavy metal pollution control project in Xiangjiang River Basin, the Shizhuyuan Mine and so on.


At the forum, Vice Mayor He Zunqing reported on the establishing work of the innovation demonstration zone for national sustainable development agenda, and the drafting group reported on the preparation of the "Development Plan" and "Construction Plan" of the demonstration zone. In the light of the investigation and research, the investigation group pointed out the problems existing in the process of establishing the innovation demonstration zone for the national sustainable development agenda in Chenzhou from the social, economic and ecological aspects, and put forward the comments and suggestions on the "Development Plan" and "Construction Plan".


Zheng Zhong pointed out at the forum that we should be based on China's participation in global governance and formulate a special plan for promoting sustainable development and a plan for the construction of the demonstration zone; should establish and improve the coordination mechanism of relevant work to form a push force; should strengthen the innovation of system and mechanism and create a good environment for the innovation demonstration of sustainable development; should promote the overall innovation with science and technology innovation as the core and realize the coordinated and sustainable development of the region. He hoped that Chenzhou would attach great importance to the establishment work, adhere to the concept of sustainable development, establish the work coordination mechanism, break down the key bottleneck problems, and promote sustainable development with scientific and technological innovations. At the subsequent meeting, the investigation group gave further guidance to the establishment of Chenzhou City.


Zhou Hailin, Director of Strategic Research Branch, China 21st Century Agenda Management Center, Zhu Ming, Chief Scientist of Planning and Design Research Institute, Ministry of Agriculture, He Xiuming, Deputy Party Secretary and Deputy Director of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, Liu Qi, Deputy Inspector of the Provincial Science and Technology Department, and Municipal leaders Dou Zhijie and Li Liming took part in the related activities.