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Suxian District Prepares Students Sports & Art Festival


On July 9th, Suxian District held the preparatory work scheduling meeting for the 24th Primary and Middle School Student Games and the 20th Primary and Middle School Art Festival. Suxian District Deputy Party Secretary Liu Mingfa, Deputy District Chief Cao Qiao, District leaders Liu Tiefu and Li Chunhua participated in the event. Liu Mingfa and his entourage successively came to Jinhai School, Xiangnan Middle School, Suyuan Middle School, City No.4 Primary School and City No.2 Middle School to learn more about the preparatory work for the construction, maintenance and accommodation arrangements and then held a work scheduling meeting.


The meeting stressed that it is necessary to take the event of the whole city as an opportunity to build a well-off society in an all-round way, an important measure to promote the education, and an important opportunity to fully display the image of Suxian District, and we should attach great importance to the thoughts, scientific and orderly program, timely support, meticulous work, warm and thoughtful service, and safe security to ensure the safety and order of the activities.