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12 Major Industrial Projects Opened & Completed in Jiahe County



Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, and the county leaders have a detailed understanding of the project.




County Party Secretary Guo Xin delivers a speech.



County Magistrate Zhang Wandong presides over the activities.



The township party committee secretaries and the leading officials of the relevant county units participate in the activities.

Recently, Jiahe County held the completion activities of major industrial projects on September 2018. Zhang Jun, Deputy Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, attended the event and announced the formal completion of the project; county leaders Guo Xin, Zhang Wandong, Zhou Xiaoyang, Deng Zejia, He Xiangfeng, Wu Wenming, Li Zibing, Lei Bosheng, Xiao Dingzhou and Liu Dan participated in the event.

At the opening and completion ceremony, Guo Xin pointed out that in recent years, Jiahe County has conscientiously implemented the strategy of "Industry leading, all-round development", taken the opportunity of the industrial project year and 4+X as the start point, deeply promoted the four-year action plan for the construction of key projects with industrial projects as the core, and insisted on the concentration of power towards industrial projects, the inclination of policies towards industrial projects, and the agglomeration of elements towards industrial projects, setting off a wave of industrial project construction upsurge; this year, the county has allocated 120 key projects with a total investment of 37 billion yuan, of which 89 key industrial projects with a total investment of 32.07 billion yuan, accounting for 74.2% and 86.5% respectively. At present, 86 key industries have been resumed, with a total investment of 6.86 billion yuan, accounting for 80% of the annual plan.

Guo Xin required that leaders at all levels should strictly implement the joint enterprise contract system and help enterprises solve various difficulties in project promotion with responsibility and emotion; the relevant functional departments and the towns with projects should strengthen service awareness and do a solid job in docking coordination, factor protection, environmental protection and other work to provide strong guarantee for project advancement and enterprise development.

Guo Xin stressed that we hope that project owners and construction units will seize the prime time of construction, actively overcome various difficulties and promote project construction with high standards and high efficiency to ensure early completion, early production, and early achievement of efficiency.

It was reported that there are 6 projects under concentrated construction with a total investment of 976 million yuan,including Jiahe County Fine Arts Casting, Jiahe County Shunli Forging, Zaihou Gong Rice Industrial Park Phase I, Sanhui Eco-agricultural Industrial Park, and Guanyin Villa extension Phase II and Hexingwang Ecological Agriculture comprehensive development project; 6 projects have been completed with a total investment of 966 million yuan, including the first phase of 100 MW eco-agricultural photovoltaic power generation project in Jiahe County, the second phase of Shengtang Foundry, the third phase of Jintai Huacheng District, the second phase of Yonghua Industry and Trade in Jiahe County, the second phase of Junhe Foundry Co., Ltd., and the rice processing construction project with annual treatment of 85,000 tons.

Those projects cover industrial production, modern agriculture, tourism and other fields,, which will provide more favorable support for Jiahe County's economic transformation and upgrading, and also become a strong driving force to promote the development of high quality Jiahe County.