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2018 National Youth Wushu Routine Championship Held



In the Men's South Cudgel Play Competition

Recently, the 2018 National Youth Wushu Routine Championship officially opened at the Chenzhou Sports Training Base, attracting more than 500 elites from all over the country.



In the Men's Hexagram Boxing Competition

The competition was sponsored by Wushu Sports Management Center of the State Sports Administration, undertook by Chenzhou Press and Publication Bureau of Culture, Radio & Television, Beihu Government and other units, and co-sponsored by Beihu District Press and Publication Bureau of Culture, Radio & Television. More than 500 athletes from more than 30 provinces and municipalities participated in the competition. The competition was divided into four major events of boxing, short equipment, long equipment and pair competition and 13 minor items, including Sabreplay, Swordplay, Cudgelplay, Taijisword, Spear play and other competitions. The competition was closed on October 16th.


It was reported that this competition was the first time to host the top martial arts events in Beihu District. The event has further promoted the excellent traditional Chinese Wushu culture, displayed the style of young martial arts lovers, and also set up a good platform for provinces and cities to exchange Wushu skills.


In recent years, Beihu District has actively implemented the national strategy of national fitness, hosted various large-scale competitions, publicized and promoted scientific national fitness through sports activities, enriched people's spiritual and cultural life, and formed a good social fashion of loving sports and advocating sports in the whole district.


In the women's cudgel play competition