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Liu Zhiren's Investment Promotion in Shenzhen



Liu Zhiren and Shenzhen Tencent discuss the cooperation

From October 17 to 18, Liu Zhiren, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor, led a team to Shenzhen City, Guangdong Province, for an investment investigation. Liu Zhiren stressed that we should learn from Shenzhen's advanced experience and apply it to promote the high quality development of Chenzhou. He also invited Shenzhen-related enterprises to invest in Chenzhou and participate in the economic and social development of Chenzhou to achieve win-win cooperation.

In Shenzhen Yinbaoshan New Die Casting Technology Company, Liu Zhiren and his team visited the company's production line to understand the production process. It was reported that the Shenzhen Die Casting Industry Association has taken the lead in organizing the leading enterprises of the die casting industry in the Pearl River Delta region and related upstream and downstream industrial chain enterprises, transferring the die casting manufacturing industry by leaps and bounds to Chenzhou for transformation and upgrading, and building a die casting industry park in Guiyang County. More than 50 enterprises with an annual output value of 35 billion yuan have planned to settle into the park, achieving more than 1.5 billion yuan of annual tax revenue and solving employment problem of more than 30,000 people.

Liu Zhiren and Shenzhen Die Casting Industry Association exchanged views on the development prospects, application areas and practical land use constraints of the die casting industry. Liu Zhiren said that the die casting industry park located in Chenzhou, will have a major impact on the economic development of Chenzhou, and effectively promote the transformation and upgrading of Chenzhou manufacturing industry. Chenzhou has the advantages of convenient transportation, abundant resources and beautiful environment. It was hoped that the two sides will further strengthen communication and exchanges, solve practical problems and speed up the project landing.

Research Institute of Shenzhen Tsinghua University is an institution jointly constructed by Shenzhen Municipal Government and Tsinghua University, which was operated and managed according to the enterprise mode. The Institute has created 6 functional plates, namely, R&D platform, personnel training, investment incubation, science and technology finance, innovation base, and international cooperation. It has formed a "incubation system of scientific and technological innovation with deep integration of industry-university-research", and laid out a number of major projects, which have achieved good social and economic benefits.

Liu Zhiren visited the main research topics and achievements exhibition of the institute, and held a discussion with the head of the Institute on strengthening cooperation with Chenzhou High-tech Zone. Liu Zhiren said that the power of science and technology is enormous and he had gained popularity in science and technology and received baptism of thought throught the investigation. The innovative ideas of the Institute have great inspiration for the high quality development of Chenzhou. He hoped that both sides will move around more and communicate more, actively seek cooperation points, and turn the scientific and technological achievements of the Institute into real productive forces in Chenzhou.

Subsequently, Liu Zhiren and his party also came to Tencent's Shenzhen headquarters to discuss the cooperation between Tencent Yun and Chenzhou Dongjiang Big Data Industry Park. The two sides agreed that Chenzhou has a leading policy awareness, a strong industrial base, obvious geographical advantages and huge potential for development, and has the basic conditions for the development of emerging industries such as cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence. Liu Zhiren pointed out that Chenzhou will take big data as an industrial chain to build, promulgate corresponding policies, and actively give support. The relevant departments should work out the work plan as soon as possible and implement the cooperation between the two sides step by step.

Municipal leaders Chen Xuechu, Li Liming and Municipal Secretary-General Huang Zesheng attended the investigation.