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Chenzhou Delegation Wins Good Results in 19th Hunan Disabled Arts Show



On October 17th, the 19th Hunan Disabled Arts Show was held in Changsha City. Chenzhou delegation won good results in this year's Disabled Arts Show, including dance program "Listening to the Wind", winning first prize, dance program "Blooming of Life", winning second prize, and vocal program "Changsha, Changsha" winning the second prize, music program "The Wizard of Oz" winning the third prize, and the Chenzhou delegation won the group organization award and second prize of Popularity Award.

On October 19th, Tan Yuhua, Party Secretary and Chairman of the Municipal Disabled Persons'Federation (CDPF), presented flowers to the actors and shook hands with the actors and instructors. He congratulated them on their outstanding achievements and warmly welcomed their victory.