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Cambodia Hunan General Chamber of Commerce Delegation Visits in Chenzhou


Recently, Wu Guanghua, President of the Hunan General Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia, led a delegation to hold talks with the Chenzhou Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), to recall old friendship and discuss cooperation.

Founded in 2012, the Hunan General Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia has grown from more than 40 member units at the beginning of its establishment to 138 member units today. There are nearly 100,000 Hunan people in Cambodia. The Chamber of Commerce enterprises cover dozens of industries in Cambodia, such as manufacturing, engineering construction, mining, agriculture, forestry, hydropower, Internet, tourism, catering, trade logistics and advertising media.

At the forum, the person in charge of the CCPIT welcomed the visit of the Hunan General Chamber of Commerce of Cambodia to Chenzhou and the two sides had in-depth exchanges on further strengthening cooperation. They believed that Chenzhou has a beautiful ecological environment, good investment environment and great potential for development, and hoped that they could fully understand the characteristic industries of Chenzhou and strongly recommend Chenzhou to the overseas Chinese through this investigation.

Wu Guanghua introduced the development of the overseas Chinese in Cambodia and said that he would carefully study the characteristic industries in Chenzhou, be a good propagandist and salesman, and bring more friends to visit. At the same time, he expressed the welcome for entrepreneurs and related personnel from Chenzhou to visit and exchange in Cambodia.