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Cooperation Agreement of Chenzhou Hengwei Electronics & Hunan University


Recently, Chenzhou Hengwei Electronics Co., Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement with the School of Information Science and Engineering of Hunan University to establish a long-term and close strategic cooperative relationship from three aspects: personnel training, scientific and technological cooperation, and brand cooperation.

It was understood that the School of Information Science and Technology and Engineering of Hunan University, with three key laboratories, 57 doctoral supervisors, 39 professors and more than 100 authorized invention patents, has a number of scientific and technological achievements conversion and technology transfer and has considerable advantages in scientific research strength, educational and training strength and cultivating talents. Hengwei Electronics, located in Yizhang County Economic Development Zone, is a new high-tech enterprise integrating technology development, production and sales of LCD and various LCD products, covering in the instruments, financial communications, household appliances, e-commerce, electronic digital, industrial control, vehicle systems and other fields. Up to September 2017, the company has obtained 10 "patent certificates". In 2018, the company expected to achieve sales of 180 million yuan, tax payments exceeding 10 million yuan, and planned to complete a new three-board listing in the next three years, and acquisition of TFT-LCD module factory.

Hengwei Electronics and School of Information Science and Technology and Engineering of Hunan University to achieve strategic cooperation was not only an important form of "special talent attraction and enterprise university activities in 2018" in our city, but also an important measure to fully implement "Hunan Furong Talents Plan" and "Chenzhou Linyi Gathering Talents Plan". The Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government have proposed to establish flexible and diversified talent attraction mechanism, implement flexible talent attraction strategy of "not for possession but for using", strengthen strategic cooperation with universities, research institutes and large enterprises, adopt project cooperation, part-time appointment, technical consultants and other forms, and flexibly introduce high-level talents to serve the various undertakings in Chenzhou. The cooperation establishment was a vivid practice of implementing the flexible talent introduction policy, making outstanding talents useful, promoting the transformation of research achievements and achieving win-win situation between schools and enterprises.