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Talking about Big Data Future


On November 2, the first China Dongjiang Lake Green Data Valley Summit Forum and the second Big Data Business Promotion Conference, co-sponsored by Hunan Provincial Industry and Information Office, Chenzhou Municipal Government, China Telecom Cloud Computing Corporation and China Telecom Hunan Branch, were successfully held in Zixing City. More than 150 well-known experts and business representatives from the industry participated in the meeting. Yi Pengfei, Chenzhou Municipal Party Secretary and Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee attended and delivered a speech. Liu Zhiren, Deputy Party Secretary and Mayor presided over the meeting.


The event, organized by Chenzhou Economic and Information Commission, Zixing Government, China Telecom Chenzhou Branch and Hunan Yunchao Information Technology Co., Ltd. aimed to promote the exchange and cooperation of big data, fully demonstrate the great advantages of Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park in developing green big data industry, and promote the development of big data green energy-saving technology, build a platform for big data investment cooperation and build the most energy-saving, green and environmental protection big data industry demonstration base, South China Data Valley and National Government Cloud Base.


In his speech, Yi Pengfei, Municipal Party Secretary Committee and Director of the Municipal People's Congress Standing Committee, said that as a sunrise industry and a green industry, the big data industry with huge development space and potential has become a new growth point of economic and social development. Chenzhou has carried out the strategic plan of national big data development, given full play to the unique advantages of Zixing City in developing big data industry, supported the construction of Dongjiang Lake big Data Industrial Park from top-level design, policy funds, talent technology and other aspects, promoted the deep integration of big data with industry, agriculture and service industries, built a dominant industrial cluster with the core of big data industry, and successfully signed a number of big data application enterprises, such as Wangsu Technology, Huawei, China Telecom, Aishu Information and Yixin Technology.

Yi said that in the next stage, we would base ourselves on the seamless docking of industrial chain, capital chain, innovation chain and service chain, optimize the environment and service mode of innovation and entrepreneurship more vigorously, grasp the construction of Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park and enter the park with the greatest sincerity, the fastest speed, best service and best effect, make every effort to do a good job in building Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park, enterprises and projects into the park, strive to make the construction of Dongjiang Lake Big Data Center to a classic example of Chenzhou's transformation, development, innovation and opening up, and guide more innovative teams, enterprises and institutions to enter Chenzhou demonstration, creating Chenzhou value with data and leading the development of Chenzhou with innovation.

On the same day, Shenzhen Yixin Science and Technology Project, invested 1 billion yuan, was inaugurated and formally became the "Park" in Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park. At the opening ceremony of the Investment Promotion Conference, more than 150 guests and 30 media reporters watched the investment promotion special film of Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park. Among them, Zixing's non-replicable advantages in developing big data industry and a series of preferential policies for attracting investment have attracted the attention of many enterprises and media. In the following licensing and signing ceremony, 5 units and enterprises, including China Data Center Industry Development Alliance, China Telecom Tianyiyun and Shenzhen Big Data Association, respectively, awarded licences to Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park or Dongjiang Lake Big Data Center; China Data Center Industry Development Alliance, Hunan Province E-Government Center, Shanghai Aishu, Shenzhen Yixin and Hunan Eefung Software and other 12 units and enterprises signed cooperation and settlement agreements respectively.

Subsequently, the first China Dongjiang Lake Green Data Valley Summit Forum was officially opened. Focusing on the theme of "water and big data", Xiao Weidong, Professor of National Defense University of Science and Technology, and Ph.D. supervisor, and Wan Peng, Vice President of China Telecom Hunan Branch delivered a speech respectively, and held an in-depth and heated discussion with the guests and business representatives.

At the end of the forum, business representatives and guests made further in-depth field investigations for the Dongjiang Lake Big Data Industrial Park and the cold water resources of the Dongjiang Lake.