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National Defense Education Class Enters Beihu Kindergarten


Recently, 9 officers and soldiers of the People's Armed Forces Department in Beihu District were invited to enter the No. 1 Kindergarten of Beihu District to carry out the activity of "National Defense Education Entering Campus" so that the kindergarten children touch weapons and guns at zero distance.


At the beginning of the activity, the officers and soldiers stepped into the activity room at a neat pace, and the children applauded happily. Subsequently, the officers and soldiers performed the correct posture of carrying guns, and sang military songs on the spot. The children under the stage listened attentively and earnestly. They also sent their own handicraft and painting works to the officers and soldiers.

After the performance, the officers and soldiers came down to the children, talked with them, answered their questions, and taught them how to salute the army.

Patriotism education is an important part of moral education in kindergartens. The activities aimed to better educate children in patriotism, so that children can germinate the sense and emotion of loving their homeland and motherland from an early age. Wang Jieying, Head of the No. 1 Kindergarten of Beihu District, introduced that we combined reading with national defense education, invited officers and soldiers to enter the campus, and let the children's awareness no longer stay on television and books, but really feel the style of officers and soldiers, and accept the spiritual baptism, so as to cultivate children's yearning for the career of soldiers.