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Program "Meeting Chenzhou" Wins National Award



Recently, the 4th National Program Fair and Project Resource Promotion Conference were held in Haikou, Hainan Province. The special column of Chenzhou Radio and Television Station, "Meeting Chenzhou at 8 o'clock tonight" was awarded.


The 4th National Program Fair and Project Resource Promotion Conference were co-sponsored by the Program Trade Working Committee of the China Federation of Radio, Film and Television Social Organizations and the Propaganda Department of the CPC Haikou Municipal Committee. A total of 312 units and nearly 800 media friends from all over the country participated.

In addition to the project resources promotion, the promulgation and exchange of high-quality projects of national and county television stations, the first national excellent columns, excellent creative programs, excellent short video selection and award ceremony also were held, aiming at displaying the excellent annual works of radio and television and other media in China, commending the excellent media workers with both ability and virtue, and showing excellent columns, creative activities and short videos. The judges of this award-winning event made a rigorous evaluation for more than 800 works from major media units throughout the country, and 210 works were selected and 120 works were awarded finally.


Chenzhou Radio and TV Station "Meeting Chenzhou at 8 o'clock tonight" won the honor of "Top 30 of the National Excellent Column Culture Category in 2008" because of the program "Old Man and Small Snake". Fan Jianping, Party Secretary of Chenzhou Radio and TV Station, attended the conference as an award-winning guest and presented awards to the award-winning units and works.

"Meeting Chenzhou", founded in early 2017, is a cultural tourism column jointly organized with Chenzhou Tourism, Foreign Affairs and Overseas Chinese Affairs Bureau. Over the past two years, the program has launched more than 200 special issues, which has excavated, introduced and promoted Chenzhou's cultural tourism resources in an all-round way. This award has enabled the program "Meeting Chenzhou" to go out of Chenzhou and let more people outside Chenzhou know about Chenzhou.