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Chenzhou Fire Rescue Detachment Upgraded



At 8:30 a.m. on December 29, in the City Fire Rescue Detachment, 4 ceremonial soldiers marched at a clangorous pace, escorting the flag of the Chinese fire rescue team and slowly approaching. All the firefighters solemnly stood up and saluted to commemorate this historic moment. From today, they will take off the "olive green" that has accompanied them for many years and change into the unique "flame blue" uniform of firefighters, which also marks the formal establishment of Chenzhou comprehensive fire rescue team. Municipal Deputy Secretary and Mayor Liu Zhiren attended the ceremony, and Deputy Mayor Zhang Jun presided over the ceremony.


At the ceremony, the Fire Detachment Commissar read out the order conferring fire rescue rank and the Fire Detachment Leader led the whole fire fighters to take a solemn collective oath to the flag. Their brave and powerful vows were the trumpet of the city's fire rescue commanders for re-assembling and re-starting, and also the solemn commitment to the Party and the people.


On behalf of the Municipal Committee, the Municipal Government and more than 5.3 million Chenzhou people, Liu Zhiren warmly congratulated all the members of the rank-awarding team and paid high tribute to the firefighters who had been fighting for a long time in the front line of disaster relief. Liu Zhiren said that for a long time, all the fire fighters in Chenzhou have regarded their residence as their home town and the masses as their relatives so as to support local construction and serve the people of the whole city. They have played an irreplaceable and important role in the economic and social development of Chenzhou and made outstanding contributions. After the successful reform and restructuring of the city's fire fighters, they will continue to shoulder the important responsibilities of preventing and resolving major safety risks and dealing with various types of disasters and accidents.


Liu hoped that the majority of fire fighters will consciously upgrade their political positions, deeply learn and understand Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics and the spirit of important precepts in the new era, always regard "loyalty to the Party" as their first mission, take "benefiting the people" as their greatest political achievements, and regard "life first" as their fundamental requirement, and constantly create a new situation of fire rescue in Chenzhou City. Departments at all levels should resolutely support reform and restructuring, take the initiative to meet actual needs, comprehensively strengthen security services, effectively strengthen humanistic care, and provide warmth, solve problems and deal with facts for fire fighters.


After the ceremony, Liu also attended the on-site office meeting of the city fire rescue detachment, listened to their reports, and coordinated to solve the difficulties and problems encountered in the reform. He also required to strengthen leadership, strengthen management, strengthen responsibility, coordinate operations, jointly manage, effectively improve the comprehensive rescue capability of fire rescue teams, ensure the sustained and stable fire safety situation in the city, and make new contributions to the construction of the "Five Chenzhou".