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Linwu Dishuiyuan Scenic Spot Put into Trial Operation



Recently, a new AAA Linwu Dishuiyuan Scenic Spot was put into trial operation, attracting many travelers and tourists to come and experience sightseeing.


Dishuiyuan Scenic Spot is located in the east of Xiyao Green Valley National Forest Park in Linwu County, with an elevation of more than 1100 meters, which belongs to the karst grand canyon landform. There are huge stones in the valley, clouds and mists all the year round, and waterfalls like flying white dragons, making people linger and forget to return.


In August 2017, in order to develop Dishuiyuan Scenic Spot, Linwu County introduced Dongguan Jieshang Group to invest 10.9 billion yuan to build 9 functional areas, such as ecological pastoral experience area, mill town and water sports area, and build it into a 28 AAA scenic spot. At present, the Dishuiyuan Scenic Spot has built garden restaurants, waterfall sightseeing overpasses, Bailongtan Trestle Road and so on, which has become a brand-new business card for Linwu tourism development.