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Red Culture Education Activities Held in Rucheng


In order to effectively strengthen the horizontal exchanges and learning with the national organizational departments and the Party school system, and further play the exemplary role of the vanguard of Party members, the "Concentration to Promote Reform" Party spirit education activity, sponsored by Chenzhou Red Culture Training Center, was held in Rucheng recently.


Chenzhou Red Culture Training Center is a professional education and training institution approved by the relevant departments of the state, the Chenzhou Municipal Committee and the municipal government to respond to and implement Xi Jinping's instructional spirit of "making good use of red resources, carrying forward the red tradition and inheriting the red gene". At present, the training center mainly includes: Zhang Zhichu, who is senior Party history researcher and Counselor of Provincial Government, Professor Dai Anlin of Party School of Hunan Provincial Party Committee, Professor Hu Rong of Mao Zedong Thought Propaganda Research, senior professors of Jinggangshan Cadre College, Shaoshan Cadre College and Party School of Chenzhou Municipal Committee and so on. At the same time, with the help of and relying on the superior talent resources at all levels of the provincial and foreign party-building educational units, a strong team of teachers has been built.


At the event, Zhang Zhichu, Counselor of the Hunan Provincial People's Government, former Vice-minister of the Propaganda Department of the Provincial Party Committee and Director of the Party History Research Office of the Provincial Party Committee, was invited to give lectures. He vividly interpreted the profound connotation and practical significance of the mission of the Communist Party of China from four aspects: the need to adhere to beliefs, the need to navigate goals, the need for the foundation of life and the need to undertake. More than 100 Party members, cadres and staff from the Party History Office of Chenzhou Municipal Committee, the Party School of Suxian District Committee, the Armed Ministry of Rucheng County and the Party History Office of the County participated in the training. On the spot, we found a group of children dressed in red, listening attentively to the lecture and taking notes seriously. In addition, teachers also said that children received red gene edification from childhood, can better improve their ideological literacy and expand their vision.

It was understood that Zhu Du Class was initiated by the descendants of Rucheng's revolutionary forefathers and founded by the collective participation of Rucheng townsmen in Beijing, aiming to develop good ideological and moral character and behavior habits under the influence of red culture and revolutionary spirit. Everyone said that we should work hard and never forget to follow the Party at the beginning, so as to devote ourselves to our work with more enthusiasm, positive attitude and dedication to excellence.