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Zhang Jianfei Investigates Zhouyuan Mountain Mining Company


Recently, Zhang Jianfei, Provincial Standing Committee and Party Secretary of the Provincial State-owned Assets Management Committee, investigated the Zhouyuan Mountain Mining Company of the Hunan Coal Group in Zixing City and visited the workers in need.

Zhouyuan Mountain Mining Company was founded in 1966, with an approved production capacity of 750,000 tons per year. At present, the company has 17.73 million tons of reserves and 3.6 million tons of recoverable reserves. In recent years, the company has vigorously promoted technological innovation, and implemented the mechanized coal loading (gangue) and transportation, which is the highest degree of mining mechanization in our province. Last year, the company produced 740,000 tons of coal safely, realized operating income of more than 400 million yuan, and achieved profits of more than 100 million yuan.

Zhang Jianfei consoled the difficult workers of Zhouyuan Mountain Mining Company, went down to inspect underground lines, pumping houses, substations and disaster-avoidance chambers, and got a detailed understanding of safety production, technological innovation and so on.

Zhang Jianfei has fully affirmed the achievements of Hunan Coal Group and Zhouyuan Mountain Mining Company in recent years. Zhang Jianfei pointed out that enterprises should focus on high-quality development, expand resources at one hand, and comprehensively utilize resources at the same time, so as to effectively enhance the ability of sustainable development. The enterprises should strengthen management and vigorously implement staff reduction, cost reduction and efficiency enhancement; should promote scientific and technological innovation and constantly strengthen support for improving per capita labor productivity and comprehensive utilization efficiency of resources; should strive to solve the problems left over from history, put people first and actively improve the production and living conditions of workers.

Liu Zhiren expressed his gratitude to Hunan Coal Group and Zhouyuan Mountain Mining Company for their contributions to the economic and social development of Chenzhou. He hoped that enterprises would further implement the responsibility system for safe production, do a good job in the investigation and rectification of hidden dangers, implement rules and regulations, strengthen supervision, and better promote the development of high-quality enterprises.

Zhang Meicheng, Deputy Director of the provincial SASAC, and Vice Mayor He Zunqing participated in the investigation.