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Zixing City Appraised as Provincial Grain Production Advanced City


Recently, there was good news from Hunan Agricultural and Rural Department that according to the requirements of "Hunan Provincial Food Production Assessment Measures" and "Notice on Recommending Advanced County of Food Production in the whole province", 20 advanced counties of grain production in the whole province were selected through county self-evaluation, city-level assessment and provincial evaluation. Zixing City was listed as the only City in Chenzhou area to receive this honor.


In recent years, Zixing City has always focused on the implementation of the policy of strengthening agriculture and benefiting farmers, has taken the stable development of grain production as an important task of developing modern agriculture, has taken ensuring the basic self-sufficiency of grain, especially grain rations, as an important goal of developing grain production steadily, and has steadily carried out actions to increase grain production.


The city has actively promoted the construction of grain and oil production projects, carried out green, high-yield and high-efficiency establishment of grain and oil, implemented the project of modern agricultural production development (high quality rice), and promoted the ecological cultivation mode of "shrimp-rice co-cultivation". The grain production capacity and the level of grain production have been continuously improved.


At the same time, the city has accelerated the transformation of grain production mode, vigorously developed new agricultural business entities, issued a number of support policies and measures, and actively promoted social services to improve the level of agricultural mechanization. In addition, a number of advanced agricultural application technologies, such as soil testing and formula fertilization, green manure production, straw returning, water and fertilizer integration, have been popularized and applied, greatly improving the contribution rate of modern agricultural science and technology to grain production.


It was reported that in 2018, the total sown area of grain crops in the city was 401,000 mu, with a total output of 135,000 tons, an increase of 3% and 2% respectively over the previous year. The comprehensive agricultural mechanization level of grain cultivation and harvest reached 71.9%. There were 553 large grain-growing households, 139 family farms, 68 grain and oil cooperatives and 3 land trust companies in the city.