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The 7th CMGE Summit Forum Held




On the morning of May 18, the 7th CMGE Summit Forum hosted by Hunan Provincial People's Government was held in Chenzhou. 6 experts from the fields of jewelry, minerals, paleontology, fossils and museums at home and abroad delivered brilliant speeches on the theme of "CMGE and Development of Mineral and Gemstone Industry".



"China's rapid industrialization urgently needs to catch up with the course of popularization of geosciences." Hu Jianyang, President of IP Island Institute of Popular Science Education, took the lead in his speech on the topic of Geological and Mineral Popular Science Education and Exposition. The purpose of geoscience popularization is to guide the public into museums and geological parks, and understand and love nature, so that people can recognize nature and science by contacting mineral and fossil specimens, stimulate people's spirit of exploration and desire for knowledge, cultivate the spirit of seeking truth and pragmatism, and study scientific research methods.


Peter Mega, Chairman of the show at Tucson Jewelry Minerals Fair in the United States, described the excavation of natural gold at Beta Hunt Mine in Australia in 2018. He said that he was very happy to come to Chenzhou and looked forward to seeing more natural gold coming from China next year. He talked about natural silver minerals and minerals in Mexico. Mexico is a big silver mining country, which has been mining silver since ancient times. He also explained silver deposits in central and Western Mexico and showed various minerals.


Peng Qiming, President of China Mining Federation, delivered an important speech entitled "The Contribution of Mining Industry to Human Civilization". He said that mining is closely related to human civilization. We should strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of mineral and rock application; strengthen the information exchange of the precious stone, ornamental stone and stone industry; strengthen the combination of art and architecture, science and technology, and communication between collecting institutions (individuals); promote academic exchanges in the application of minerals and rocks; tap the application potential of mineral rocks and promote the popularization of mineral rock science; enhance the aesthetic function of Geological Museum and display the beauty of natural products.


Elsa Bage, Deputy Curator of the Canadian Museum of Natural History, with Doctorate in Anthropology and Fine Arts, made a speech on the "Museums for the 21st Century". She said that the exhibition was a world-class exhibition and was very rare to show so many collections at one time. She also introduced the Canadian Museum of Natural History, and believed that museums should play their part in protecting the earth; resonate with the audience and let the children understand. Human beings can not isolate nature, and people in cities are part of nature in modern society. The earth is a whole, and changes in one place have an impact on other places. China emphasizes the unity of man and nature and hopes that museums will play a very important role in the relationship between man and nature.


Jiang Jianjun, former Director of Science, Technology and International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Land and Resources, delivered a speech on "Minerals, Crystals and Human Civilization". He introduced the four spheres of the earth: the atmosphere, the hydrosphere, the biosphere and the lithosphere, three major rocks and mineral minerals, the classification of mineral crystals, the relationship between mineral crystals and human beings, and the close relation between mineral crystals and urban civilization, life civilization, healthy civilization and cultural civilization. He also cited many examples, from cement and stained glass to television sets, refrigerators, light bulbs and so on.



Mike Ramsey, Director of the Museum Committee of the International Mineral Society (Chief Research Librarian of the British Museum of Natural History), gave a speech on "The Importance of Museum Collections for Science". He introduced the London Museum of Natural History, described the relationship between scientific collection and scientific research, and pointed out that cooperation with traders should be strengthened, and new materials should be continuously discovered and studied to promote the development of science and life.

Representatives of member units of the Geological Museum Professional Committee of the Chinese Natural Science Museum Society and the Geological Science Popularization Committee of the Provincial Geological Society participated in the reporting.